On a proposal from Crying Out Loud, Insomnante invents a project for children with autism or with special needs.

During 3 days, in the company of our bed and a hundred pillows, we guide children in workshops around the topic of sleep. Then we share with them an adapted version of the show l'Insomnante.

We are also working on transmitting these workshop protocols to teachers and educators, and we invite parents to follow the workshops with their children on a daily basis through a blog.

In November 2013, a first research session was held in Poole, England. We were welcomed by the Lighthouse and Montacute School. A second research and experimentation phase took place at the Brèche and the IME in Cherbourg in March 2014. In the Fall of 2014, we had given workshops in London at Blossom House School and Riverside School. In 2016, we were hosted by The Point Theatre in Eastleigh to share workshops with Great Oaks School students. In 2017, we went back to Cherbourg, La Brèche for a new workshop session with Robert Doisneau School. 

Project supported by Crying Out Loud, La Brèche (Cherbourg), Carte Blanche and Pass programme, Interreg, Lighthouse (Poole), Arts Council England, The Point (Eastleigh).

Workshops conducted by Joanne Skapinker, Francis Coulaud, Claire Ruffin, Aline Maclet. With Catherine Exbrayat (cello and vocals), and Vincent Beaume (photography and lights). With the precious help of Elodie Picot in Cherbourg.

For more information, please visit the Dormez-vous? blog by clicking here.