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A woman who can't sleep.

Her waking night gives itself in spectacle in a deserted theater, and leads us to the meeting of other watchers in spite of themselves who try to live the night as they can.

A wandering in the meanders of sleepless nights, inspired by the creations of the Insomnante company, in dialogue with the directors Pilar Arcila and Jean-Marc Lamoure.

See it on vimeo : L'Insomnante -Teaser - from Ab Joy Productions


While the city falls asleep in the mists of its daytime activity
some of its inhabitants can't find sleep.
One woman in particular seems to struggle with her bed
and her pillows in the darkness.
Her lucid night makes a spectacle of itself in a deserted theater
and leads us to meet other unwilling watchers
who try to deceive the night as they can. Some of them make accounts
while others recite stories to each other, but all see themselves falling asleep
and therefore, do not fall asleep.
Traveling through the night, this film conjures up a fictional community of men and women struggling with sleep and insomnia.